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What is Reading Toes

READING TOES is a method used to analyse the personality and behaviour of people by interpreting the shape and position of their toes.

READING TOES was developed by journalist and ex-radio and TV producer/reporter Imre Somogyi.
He and his wife Margriet, interviewed hundreds of people during fifteen years of research.
Their areas of operation were beaches, sauna’s and any other place where they could “spy’ on toes.

Gradually they discovered  the meaning of the different shapes and positions of toes, and learned to relate the shapes
and positions to the personalities and behaviour of people.

The shape of toes is inherited, but their position may change and is influenced by the way one responds to stimuli of the outside world.

People with crooked toes cannot withstand the pressure they experience from people around them and the produce an attitude such as:
“I walk a line others have drawn’ or “never mind”.

It is often said that bad feet and crooked toes have been caused by poorly fitting shoes.
That is no doubt true, but a willingness to wear poorly fitting shoes tells more about the person than about their shoes.
Such people accept the dictates of  fashion and pay less attention to comfort.
The acceptance of pressure from the outside (also from behaviour of someone who conforms to what others say.
This kind of behaviour is always found with people with crooked toes.

While travelling in Central Africa, the author of READING TOES discovered to his surprise that black people who never wore shoes had bunions, corns and crooked toes. When he interviewed them they confirmed that they all had an attitude of “let it be”. Not one of them was a fighter.

People with crooked toes (hammertoes and claw toes) yield to pressure from the outside and let their own energies flow into the earth.
People with perfectly straight toes stand up for themselves and don’t give in under pressure.

Round-tipped toes represent tact and diplomacy while angular-tipped toes represent angular behaviour: "Straight to the point".

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