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Foundation for Fundamental Dactylocal Reading

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Le Tronchet
71190 Mesvres
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What can you do with Reading Toes

First of all you get to know yourself better when you can read your own toes. You can follow you own developments and observe how you react on your environment. You can determine accurately your possibilities, your strong sides and your lesser strong sides. You can easily observe how your are dealing with your emotions. When the nails of the big toes show horizontal ridges this means that you have been hit emotionally by something that happened, by something said to you or by something which you have been confronted with. No horizontal ridges mean that you are in a stable period in your life.
A lot of horizontal ridges show that  you have strongly reacted on your emotional level, you have been shaken a lot lately.

 READING TOES can be a great help with the upbringing of children because parents can recognize what a child can accept and cannot accept, where the strong points are and where accents can be found in possibilities and non-possibilities. On the other hand children can be learned to understand the character and behaviour of the parents when the are made to understand by reading toes. Of course you know already a lot, but getting thing confirmed by READING TOES provides extra understanding and better relations.

READING TOES is a good guide building up relations in work or in private. At a glimpse you,  looking at toes, if someone if your taste and mixes with your or not.
Working with people who cannot or utter themselves very poorly
READING TOES  is an excellent help.
Working with children or disabled persons
READING TOES  has proven to be a good tool for professionals.
Reading Toes is a great tool to get to learn about the blueprint of a baby's character.
Free analysis of babytoes:

READING TOES let you already a lot before even having talked to a person.  


For instance, the toes on the right foot of her Majesty the Queen of the Netherlands, show that she is willing to help on a calculated basis. Her own needs are always in focus. Her serviceability comes to an end and has clear limits. She is very  tactful and diplomatic. Her second toe says that she is very ambitious and that lots of ideas pop up all day. Her middle toe is symbol for strong activity and fire which been she can achieve a lot but can also be very mean and angry when she cannot control situations or people. Her Majesty has lot of attachment and hates to lose matters and people. When confronted with loss she get insecure but does not want to talk about it. When insecure or fearful irritation up to aggression is generated. Her insecurity is hidden to the outside world. She shows herself only when she can completely trust someone.

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