Stichting FuDaRe International
Foundation for Fundamental Dactylocal Reading

President Imre Somogyi
Le Tronchet
71190 Mesvres
Tel.: +33 385 548516

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FuDaRe International

Foundation for Fundamental Dactylogical Reading

Le Tronchet,  71190 Mesvres, France
e-mail: , Tel.: 0033 385 548516

 The foundation FuDaRe International is originally founded on September 13th, 1993.

 FuDaRe is founded to stimulate B.A.T. (= Biometrical Analysis of Toes)
B.A.T. analyses of Character and behavior through Reading Toes, and to train B.A.T. (Reading Toes)  Readers.
FuDaRe protects the knowledge system and the quality of Reading Toes.

Lectures Reading Toes
Workshops fundamental Reading Toes
Seminars fundamental Reading Toes
                                Masterclasses Reading Toes
                                Certifies qualified teachers Reading Toes

                                Initiates additional research on Reading Toes
                                Publicity regarding Reading Toes

International has professional branches in The Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland.
                                For Belgium please contact, for Switzerland
                                    In Belgium there are 2 teachers and 17 masters of reading toes, in Switzerland 10 Teachers are active.

A promising international contact is being developed with the Hong Kong New Horizons Development Centre. In 2008 FuDaRe and New Horizons Development  will try to help autistic children  though Mind Measurement Education (originated in Taiwan) and Reading Toes. A first seminars is planned in Hong Kong from 21-24 March 2008.
 For more information go to please see under education 

In Russia Angelina Mogilevskaya has planned several seminars 'Reading Toes' in Moscow in 2013.
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