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Imre Sándor Somogyi was born on May 23,  1943 in Amsterdam. When he was one year old his parents (Hungarian father-publisher and 
Dutch mother- nurse) moved with Imre to Antwerp in Belgium. There the Somogyi’s lived until he was 13.
From that time on he lived in the Netherlands where he took his school education.

After his military service he started to work for Dutch radio as a journalist/presenter at the news desk and later as producer/ director Radio and TV.
Until his (pre-) retirement in 1996 he was responsible for special projects and innovation at  the NCRV, Dutch Radio and Television.

 After his broadcasting career Imre was became the initiator and owner of the first  interactive European radio- en Ttelevision station op Internet.
Since 2001 Imre Somogyi performs media trainings and trainings Reading Toes.

 Besides his regular work Imre Somogyi studied and practised, homeopathy, herbal-  and natural healing. He was amongst others teacher in polarity therapy.
 Together with his wife  Margriet, who was a yoga teacher, Imre developed  READING TOES. This is a method to analyse personality and behaviour
 through interpreting shapes and positions of toes. In 1991 he wrote a book “Reading Toes”,  your feet as reflections of your personality. 

 Imre Somogyi performs regularly seminars and workshops “Reading Toes” in the Netherlands and abroad.

 The FuDaRe foundation (Foundation for Fundamental Dactylogical Reading) of which Imre Somogyi is the president, supports Reading Toes 

FuDaRe Foundation
Le Tronchet
71190 Mesvres - France
Tel.: 00 33 385 548516
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