Stichting FuDaRe International
Foundation for Fundamental Dactylocal Reading

President Imre Somogyi
Le Tronchet
71190 Mesvres
Tel.: +33 385 548516

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 Q: Where can I get instruction in READING TOES?
 A: The foundation for Fundamental Dactylogical Reading organizes lectures, seminars, master classes and teacher seminars on request.
     For international seminars please contact
     For Belgium
     For Germany
     For France
     For The Netherlands
     For Switzerland

 Q:What can I do with Reading Toes?
 A: Reading toes can help you to wish self-analysis and the analysis of the characters of others.
     It can help you with the bringing up your children and to improve relations.

 Q: Is Reading Toes helpful for diagnosing diseases?
 A: No, we do not recommend that Reading Toes is used for diagnosis but is can be used for the detection of physical and emotional blockages.

 Q:Can you still read toes if a person has been operated?
 A:Yes, the position and the shape of the toes keep reflecting the personality and the character of a person, even if the shape and the position 

Q: Are shoes responsible for crooked toes?
A: Yes, but the shoes did not chose you. You accepted bad fitting shoes. You are responsible yourself.

If you have no aswered questions, please e-mail and you will get your answer as soon as possible.


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