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Foundation for Fundamental Dactylocal Reading

President Imre Somogyi
Le Tronchet
71190 Mesvres
Tel.: +33 385 548516

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The FuDaRe Foundation organises seminars and lectures on request all over the world.
Imre and his wife Margriet Somogyi have been teaching Reading Toes in
The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, The United Kingdom, Switzerland, Italy and the U.S.A.
Seminars are planned in Hong Hong and Russia in 2008.

Hong Kong: Imre Somogyi is proud to announce the first introduction of Reading Toes in Hong in August 2008.
This seminar will be conducted by Imre Somogyi in English. Irene Tsang from New Horizons ( will be translating in Chinese.
For inquiries in English please contact and for more information in Chinese please contact:

Irene Tsang on Tel. (852)2499 0896 or e-mail

Imre Somogyi    Irene Tsang

Russia: For more information  about seminar Reading Toes in Moscow click here.

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