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Computerprogram Reading Toes


 DUCOM CONSULTANCIES in Hilversum, the Netherlands, has developed a computer program READING TOES in collaboration with the FuDaRe foundation.
 For information please contact Mr. Rob van Duijvenvoorde of DUCOM CONSULTANCIES.

 The computer program READING TOES is a aid for the basic stage of READING TOES. All illustrations from the book READING TOES are clickable in the program.
 After having tacked all observations at toes  the program prints the analysis.

 Click here for a download of the demo version of the computer program READING TOES
 Attention: This demo shows how thee program works, but does not print an analysis. Only the commercial version does.

 If you are interested in obtaining the computer program READING TOES, DUCOM CONSULTANCIES will encrypt your own logo or name in the program.
 In this way it is always possible to retrieve the origin of the analyses.

                                For more information or to purchase the program, please contact                                               

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