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Reading Toes
Book Description:
Toes are mirrors, and the shape and position of your toes show who you are.

A student of alternative and natural healing techniques, journalist, Radio- and TV producer Imre Somogyi developed the theory that the shape and position of one's toes reveals one's personality.
This book shows how Somogyi proved his theory, with a 90 per cent accuracy rate. The book includes 34 photos, 13 illustrations and 71 diagrams.

The first Dutch edition of READING TOES was published in 1991 by Uitgeverij Fundament in Arnhem, The Netherlands. The English edition of "READING TOES", your feet as reflections of your personality, was published in 1997 by The C.W. Daniel Company Ltd. in the U.K.

In READING TOES, the author, Imre SOMOGYI, shows the reader the circumstances, thoughts and philosophy that led to the “discovery” of READING TOES. In addition,  the book contains a basic guide to READING TOES  that explains about the different shapes and positions of toes with clear illustrations. The accompanying text  provides quick insights into how to interpret the different shapes and positions. The book READING TOES  is nowadays obligatory literature at academies for natural healing and reflexology in The Netherlands. The book READING TOES is available in twelve different languages.

READING TOES  is meant to be a useful tool for the analysis of personality and behaviour, for the discovery of talents, potential and limitations of people and also as an aid to get to the bottom of relationships.

READING TOES  also helps to detect physical blockages and energy patterns. Every toe represents a unique quality of male and female manifestations. Elements are also attached to toes.

In the basic guide to READING TOES,  you will find most of the characteristic features that appear in toes. With the knowledge that the reader gets by studying this guide, it is possible to perform a clear and accurate persinality and behaviour analysis.

READING TOES  is available in different languages. Click here for information on more international editions.

On (where the book can be ordered on-line) the following review can be read: "It works! Imre SOMOGYI, the founder of reading toes, proves to be right. His unique method of READING TOES, a clear personality- and behaviour analysis through the interpretation of shapes and position of the toes, is a great help in providing insights. It is helpful in getting to the bottom of all relationships, for instance in families. Also very useful when working with handicapped or autistic children. Recommended for parents and psychologists."

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Authors Imre and Margriet Somogyi Release Their Much Anticipated US Edition of this Guidebook for Parents, Educators and Healthcare Professionals Years of experience and research by authors Imre and Margriet Somogyi show that the toes symbolize the many facets of our personalities. This knowledge and insight is now available for readers in the U.S. and beyond in this one-of-a-kind guide.
Reading Baby Toes: What Your Baby’s Toes Know That You Don’t
examines the various shapes, sizes, and characteristics of each baby toe to discover how infants can grow to their full potential.

Reading Baby Toes, consisting of many full color illustrations and a vocabulary of toes, will help parents, educators and healthcare professionals to:

“….Imre and Margriet Somogyi describe a new phenomenon: reading baby toes. Reading Baby Toes …........a nice and well-illustrated book is a very welcome gift for parents!”
- De Telegraaf, a leading Dutch newspaper

IMRE SOMOGYI, a former Dutch journalist and TV producer, is a lifelong student of natural healing.He developed a theory about toes being the reflection of one’s personality. He is a frequent speaker and guest at international radio and TV shows. MARGRIET SOMOGYI is a former medical assistant at the University of Leiden, the Netherlands. Both authors have been polarity therapists and

READING BABY TOES: What Your Baby's Toes Know That You Don't
Cosimo Books, July 2009 - Psychology/Child Development, ISBN: 9781605206349 - Paperback, Color, 72pp., $19.95 / £12.99
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